LRCA Affiliated Clubs

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Colorado State Lop Rabbit Club

President: Walter Sloan
Vice-President: Laurie Hauska
Secretary/Treasurer: Rosetta Scanlon

Indiana State Lop Rabbit Club

President: Randy Waggoner
Vice-President: Irvin Etienne
Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Thomas

Jackalope Lop Rabbit Club

Serving Arizona, West Texas, New Mexico & California
President: Karen Lockridge
Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Mareska
Contact: Pat Mareska
Club Information: (602) 938-7755

Kansas Lop Rabbit Club

President: Marion Kamm
Secretary/Treasurer: Dwight Kamm

Lop Rabbit Club Of Ohio

President: Chuck Mann
Vice-President: Dave Maldonado
Secretary/Treasurer: Tom Sabrey

Lops of the South

President: Candie Glasscock
Vice-President: Tina Cruce
Secretary/Treasurer: Sherry Bailey

Mid Atlantic Lop Club

Serving Virginia & Pennsylvania and Neighboring States
President: Jessie Comp
Vice-President: Dana Bramble
Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Ferrie

Midwest Lop Club

President: Nicole Commons
Vice-President: Nicole Tufford
Secretary/Treasurer: Kyle Adams

New York State Lop Rabbit Club

President: Jennifer Burr
Vice-President: Mary Edwards
Secretary/Treasurer: Ken Nesbitt

Northern California Lop Rabbit Club

Serving California & Nevada
President: Melissa McMullen
Vice-President: Jocelyn Halloran
Secretary/Treasurer: Maddie Heidman
Facebook Page:
Northern California Lop Rabbit Club

Southern Lop Breeders Assoc.

Serving Georgia & Neighboring States
President: Sandy Bennett
Vice-President: Monica Tucker
Secretary/Treasurer: Terry Thomas

Texas Lop Rabbit Specialty Club

President: Janet Lorenz
Vice-President: Terri Snell
Secretary: Roni Nail
Treasurer: Christy Wilson