LRCA Committees

The LRCA committees are in charge of the various aspects of the club that require research and improvement. Please contact them if you have any concerns.

Any addition or change to the information listed on this page should be immediately directed to the as well as the .

This will help ensure that your contact information is always accurate.


Todd Pinkerton-Riegel, Chair

(217) 433-0320
Melissa McMullen
Brock Meanor

Convention Judge Selection

Ken Nesbitt, Chair

(585) 455-5929
English Lop
William Adams
Amanda Adle
Sandy Bennett
Trina Carlson
French Lop
Bill Bramble
Patrick Eden
Marion Kamm
Janet Lorenz
Tom Sabrey


Sandy Bennett, Chair

Abigail Fletcher
Nicki Jaehnn
Beverly Thompson


Maggie Weigel, Chair

Helen Eden
Janet Lorenz
Zachary Newman
Russ Scott


Tim Jaehn, Chair

Helen Eden

Lop Digest Editor

Katherine Wist, Chair

719 Allison Ave, Apt 7
Manhattan, KS 66505
(785) 741-0989


Jennifer Burr, Chair

30 Morey Rd
West Monroe, NY 13167
(315) 529-7860


Amanda Adle, Chair


Janet Johnson, Chair

4925 East Avenue
Turlock, CA 95380


Dana Bramble, Chair

English Lop
Billy Adams
Dara Gribi
Andy Root
Helen Wartman
French Lop
Lynn Eden
Janet Lorenz
Dave Maldonado
Nicole Wood


Susan McManus, Chair


Terri Snell, Chair

111 Oak Ln
Burleson, TX 76028

Youth Advisory

Melissa Wist, Chair

(785) 742-2497
Jennifer Burr
Todd Pinkerton-Riegel
Ginger Valentino